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North America, Canada, British Columbia, Mount Robson

Mount Robson. Mount Robson was the scene of many attempts this past summer. The northwest ridge saw two attemps—one by Willi Pfisterer, the Austrian guide, and two others who got to within 250 feet of the summit in early July. Dangerously loose powder snow on the ice towers turned them back. A Harvard Mountaineering Club party reached the same point later in the summer. Fred Beckey and Ed Cooper attempted the north ice face in early July reaching a point some 750 feet below the summit from a high camp at 10,500 feet. Compacted powder snow on hard ice and the horizontal rock bands forced retreat. An attempt on the east face in June of a Seattle party led by A1 Randall was stopped by the inclement weather prevailing in June. Two members reached the top of the Dome.