North America, United States, California, East Face of Washington Column, Yosemite

Publication Year: 1960.

East Face of Washington Column, Yosemite. The completely overhanging, 1500-foot east face of Washington Column was first attempted by Warren Harding, Richard Calderwood and George Whitmore in June of 1958. They climbed some 600 feet in two days before descending and leaving fixed ropes. Later, in 1958, they climbed another 200 feet higher. A third attempt in the spring of 1959 by Harding and G. Czamanski was given up after a piton pulled out. The fourth try was made by Harding, Charles Pratt and Steven Roper. They reached a point some 900 feet up. The last and final climb began on July 27 when Harding and Pratt started upwards to complete the first ascent four days later. In the upper part of the wall they were hampered by huge cracks. Between 1200 to 1400 feet up they had a smooth section of five successive overhangs. This required 15 expansion bolts. They reached the top on July 30 after placing some 250 pitons.