Iowa Mountaineers

Publication Year: 1959.

Iowa Mountaineers. During 1958 the Club sponsored 13 weekend climbing outings to Wisconsin and Illinois, as well as 12 enjoyable dinner-hikes, with mountain programs, by members or guests. Approximately 450 different members participated in these activities. Fifteen professional adventure-film lectures were sponsored, which attracted an average attendance of 530 members and guests per program.

Two summer outings were sponsored. A group of 33 members, plus a number of guests, visited the southern Wind River Range of Wyoming. Seventeen major peaks were ascended and a number of new routes pioneered. The climbing guides were Whitney Borland of Colorado, Dan Doody of Wyoming, Warren Pagel of Minnesota, and Rod Harris, Felix Hegerman and Bill Primak (outing Leader) of Illinois. A.A.C. members included Kenneth Henderson and Orrin Bonney.

A group of 27 members, led by John Ebert, climbed for five weeks in Europe. The highest peaks in the six major mountain countries of Europe were ascended as well as a number of difficult routes on other peaks. Fifteen major peaks were climbed in all. Two rope-parties were turned back by a storm when within 300 feet of the top of the south wall of the Dachstein in Austria; two rope parties made the first American ascent of the German route on the north wall of the Triglav in Yugoslavia, and Ede Ebert was the first woman to climb it. Several parties traversed the Zinal Rothorn and the Matterhorn in Switzerland, the Grossglockner in Austria, and the Cimone della Pala in Italy. A.A.C. members included Harold Walton and Mr. and Mrs. John Ebert. Several enjoyable hours were spent with the French guide Gaston Rébuffat who was directing the technical aspects of a movie, "Three on a Rope," being filmed in the Zermatt region.

John Ebert