Harvard Mountaineering Club

Publication Year: 1959.

Harvard Mountaineering Club. Although the H.M.C. sponsored no expeditions of its own last summer, its members were active in various parts of the climbing world. Andrew Kauffman and Tom Nevinson were members of the successful Hidden Peak Expedition. Nile Albright was with Maynard Miller on Ellesmere Island, where he made several first ascents. John Humphreys, Jim Rogers, and Dick Buel climbed in the Jotenheim of Norway. Dick also climbed in the Dolomites, as did Gino Segrè and Michael Wortis. The latter two, with Guenter Hauser, were turned back on the Matterhorn by inclement weather. Pete Everett climbed that peak earlier in the summer. Earle Whipple, Bob Page, and Arnold Guess climbed in the Bugaboos with Bill Buckingham under excellent weather conditions. They climbed nearly every peak in the range and made a first ascent of the north summit of Snowpatch Spire. Later Bob Page climbed with Leif Patterson, Steve Jervis, and Bob Conrod in the Tetons and the Gannett Peak area of the Wind Rivers, where George Millikan, Gordon Benner, and Ken Henderson also visited.

We regret to report the deaths of two members, Roderick Gould, on Mont Blanc, and David Toland, during an attempt to climb Mount St. Elias in July.

The Club continues to be very active locally. A number of young leaders have been developed to help instruct the large groups which have appeared on the week-end outings. Instruction courses were given during the year in climbing techniques, safety, and first aid.

Steven Jervis, President