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Himalaya, Pakistan, Minapin

Minapin. A British expedition to Minapin (23,840 feet) in the Karakoram ended in tragedy. On July 7 Dennis Kemp and Walter Sharley were observing the leader, E. G. C. Warr, and F. C. Hoyte going strongly only 300 feet from the summit when a severe storm struck. A two-day search failed to show signs of them. Trevor H. Braham had spent six weeks with the party, but had had to leave two weeks before the accident. Before attacking the north face of Minapin, an 18,510-foot peak on the Minapin-Silkiang watershed was climbed.

Correction. In reporting on the 1957 Oxford Expedition to Haramosh in A.A.J., 1958, 11:1, p. 122, an unfortunate transfer of names was made. Although it was Jillott and Emery who fell, it was Jillott and Culbert who lost their lives. Culbert died trying to rescue the other with Streather. Emery survived, although he was very badly frostbitten.