South America, Peru, Cordilleras Vilcanota and Vilcabamba: Verónica, Yucay, and Chicón Groups

Publication Year: 1959.

Cordilleras Vilcanota and Vilcabamba: Verónica, Yucay, and Chicón Groups. An expedition from the Como section of the Italian Alpine Club visited the Cordilleras Vilcanota and Vilcabamba. The leader, who was accompanied by his wife, was Luigi Binaghi, and the climbers were Vittorio Meroni, Luigi Bernasconi, Mario Bignami, and Mario Fantin. On June 2 they established a base camp in the Urubamba valley for climbs in the Verónica group. There, on June 9, they climbed Huakeihuilqui (15,945 feet) and Nevado Bonomia (16,765 feet) and the next day Nevado Marconi (17,520 feet). Above the town of Yucay they made the following ascents: Nevado Alberto Bonacossa (17,356 feet) on June 20, Nevado Miguel Grau (18,537 feet) on June 23, Nevado Innocenzo XI (18,192 feet) and Nevado Alessandro Volta (18,282 feet) on June 25, and Nevado Ciudad de Como (18,176 feet) on June 27. In the Chicón group they climbed the following peaks: Cerro Panathlon (16,880 feet) on July 1, Nevado degli Alpini (16,970 feet) and Nevado F. Bolognesi (17,011 feet) on July 2, and Cerro C.A.O. (16,634 feet). Apparently the Italians named a number of these peaks, but the names are probably not all official.