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North America, Canada, Other First Ascents, Canadian Rockies

Other First Ascents, Canadian Rockies. The first ascent of the northeast ridge and face of Mount Colin, in Jasper Park, was made on July 20 by Don Linke, Pat Payne, and Eric Hopkins. A minor peak of Mount Termier, west of the main summit, about 9000 feet high, was climbed by Franck Britton, with Murray Snively, Pat Boswell, and Dorothy Peck on July 22 from acamp on Lambe Creek. An unnamed peak of about 10,500 feet, about two miles northeast of Mount Cline, was climbed on August 5 by Eric Hopkins, A1 Hober, and Don Linke. Another unnamed peak of about 10,300 feet, one mile east of Mount Cline, was climbed by the same group on August 9. These mountains are in Banff Park.

R. C. Hind