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Mit Glücklichen Augen

Mit Glücklichen Augen, by Walter Pause. (Third edition) München: Bruckmann, 1957. 151 pages; ills, in color. Price 8.50 DM.

These “Notes of a romantic mountaineer” have made many friends since their first edition appeared in 1948. Pause takes us on easy hikes and difficult climbs, on foot and on skis, through the Bavarian and Austrian mountains near his home town of Munich. He has a delightful sense of humor; the chapters dealing with his early mountain experiences as a boy are most amusing. The color illustrations represent reproductions of paintings by famous painters of mountain scenery, each one supplied with a special comment by the author. For those who would like to follow Pause’s steps there is a brief description of his trips in guide form at the end of the book.

Horst von Hennig