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North America, Greenland, Staunings Alps, East Greenland

Staunings Alps, East Greenland. The Österreichischer Alpenverein sent an expedition to Greenland under the leadership of Hans Gsellmann consisting of the Austrians Hermann Köllensperger, Matthias Koglbauer, Sepp Huber, Gerhard Fuchs, and Kurt Gilg, together with the Swede, Gillis Billing, and the Dane, Dr. Erik Hoff. These mountains rise between the fjords on the east and the inland ice to altitudes of 7000 to 9000 feet at latitudes 72° to 74° N. The Austrians describe them as without exception difficult, and not unlike the Western Alps in nature and difficulty. After landing by plane in Alpe Fjord on July 21, they set up Base Camp nearly on a lateral moraine of Sefström Glacier at 1350 feet. By August 9 they had made the ascents of fourteen mountains, many of them firsts. They had to approach some of them by faltboot. Danes, Norwegians, and especially Swiss have explored this region extensively in the past eight years.