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South America, Colombia, Sierra Nevada de Cocuy

Sierra Nevada de Cocuy. The Chilean Evelio Echevarrí a describes this little known region as a handsome glacial chain, located about 300 miles northeast of Bogatá, easy of access by road. When he visited the range in December 1956 he was plagued by typical bad weather, which prevented his climbing higher than 16,200 feet on the 17,360-foot Nevado de Chiflón. A Cambridge University group operated there from July to September 1957, making biological studies and climbing. They made the following climbs: second ascent of San Pablín (17,680 feet), July 30, by B. A. Curry and R. Perry; fourth and fifth ascents of Alto Ritacuba (18,020 feet), August 5, by Curry, Perry, and J. Moore, and August 7, by P. Grubb and I. Allnut; first ascents of Peak 17,460, September 4, by Moore and Perry, of Peak 17,320, September 6, by Curry, Perry, and Moore, and of Peak 17,112, September 7, by the same.