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South America, Argentina, Cerro Don Bosco, Patagonia

Cerro Don Bosco, Patagonia. An eight-man expedition of the Centro Andino Buenos Aires spent 32 days at the northern end of the central range of the Patagonian Icecap, northeast of where Tilman was in 1956. They discovered two high peaks on the Chilean side of the frontier for one of which they are proposing the name of Cerro Art Gilkey. After reaching the northern tip of Lago Argentino by boat, they reconnoitered several possibilities, but finally followed for 20 miles north the trough on the eastern side of the Glaciar Upsala, which they crossed to establish Camp IV at the junction of the Glaciares Upsala and Don Bosco. On February 3, 1957 Eduardo Klenk, Andrés Pastewski, and the leader, Jorge Peterek, managed to climb the difficult ice and rock east ridge of the Cerro Don Bosco and reach two of its summits. They had to return the next day to complete the ascent of the highest point (c. 8500 feet).