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South America, Argentina, Ojos del Salado

Ojos del Salado: Omission from the 1937 AAJ Article. Inadvertently credit lines and complete captions were omitted from the pictures opposite page 83 in Volume X, Number 2 of the American Alpine Journal, 1957. The upper picture was taken by Juan Simken on February 6, 1956 from the subsidiary summit which lies to the west and about 540 feet lower than the main peak. The highest summit, the black tower on the right of the picture, was climbed by other members of the Chilean expedition the day before. The Polish cairn lies on the ten-foot lower peak seen on the right of the rock tower.

The lower picture is a telephoto of the Ojos del Salado taken by Wilfred Cöppens from the high summit six or eight miles south on January 22, 1955 during the expedition of the Associactión Tucumana de Andinismo. The highest point, the rock tower on the left, has about ten feet more altitude than the summit to the right of it and across the gap, on which the Polish cairn stands.

The map on page 94 was provided by the American Geographical Society.