North America, Canada, Alberta, Mount Northover, French Military Group

Publication Year: 1958.

Mount Northover, French Military Group. On June 29 a Calgary Section party of the Alpine Club of Canada, about 25 people, left the power dam at Upper Kananaskis Lake and walked around the lake to camp about a mile above Fossil Falls. On June 30, Isabel Spreat, Peter Rainier, Sev Heiberg, Pat Duffy, and I left camp at 7 A.M. to make the first ascent of Mount Northover (9600 feet). We followed the south ridge and reached the summit at 11 A.M. One knife edge, inclined at 40°, and a pitch of slabby rock of about 50 feet formed the only difficulties. Descent was by the same route.

R. C. Hind

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