South America, Chile, Monte Sarmiento, Tierra del Fuego

Publication Year: 1957.

Monte Sarmiento, Tierra del Fuego. An Italian expedition under leadership of 74-year-old Padre Alberto M. de Agostini climbed Monte Sarmiento, the highest point in Tierra del Fuego and the goal of Sir Martin Conway, in 1898, and of Padre de Agostini himself, in 1915. This peak, 7887 feet high, according to some reports, and 7120 in others, rises sharply from the sea and because of the nearly constant bad weather is heavily glaciated. After failing on the north of this very difficult mountain, Carlo Mauri and Clemente Maffei climbed the southwest face, from a Camp II, March 7, 1956. Later, Luigi Carrel, Camillo Pellissier, and Luigi Barmasse climbed Monte Italia, which they give as 7210 feet, and Monte Francese, 7054 feet, in the Cordillera Darwin.