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Wisconsin Hoofers

Wisconsin Hoofers. By reason of location we are predominantly a rock climbing club and do most of our climbing on quartzite bluffs at Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin, about 40 miles north of Madison. Usually early in the school year we devote meetings to instruction for the benefit of our new climbers. Instruction in knot tying, rope signals, rope handling, climbing techniques, and safety is given. The new climber is told of the position of leader, his responsibility and importance in the group. Our safety program consists of a weekly report by a member of the club who selects an accident from the A.A.C.’s booklet of Accidents in American Mountaineering and reads it aloud. A general discussion follows as to analysis and how a similar accident might be prevented at Devil’s Lake.

Mid-June found six of us in the Tetons where we made the conventional ascents. We camped in the Jenny Lake campground for a few days and later moved up to Garnet Canyon, where we found the Colorado Club. In fine weather we climbed South and Middle Tetons, Cloudveil, and Nez Percé.

In late August we entered the Adamant group in the southern Selkirks. Particular difficulties were encountered on the packing in, and we recommend a rubber boat for future climbers for crossing the Columbia River. Among the climbs were Horn and Unicorn, Fria, Pioneer, Toadstool, a traverse of the Damon-Sentinel ridge, and the southeast peak of Adamant Mountain. This latter mountain was attempted five times on four different routes.

Susan F. Ward, Vice-Chairman