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A.A.C., Sierra Nevada Section

A.A.C., Sierra Nevada Section. During 1955 the Sierra Nevada Section held four meetings, all of them in Berkeley. Talks were given in March by Nick Clinch and Bob Brooke on the 1954 Coast Range Expedition near Mt. Waddington; in May by Nello Pace on the Symposium on the Problems of Mountain Altitudes, which was held in April at the University of California; in October by Dick Irvin on his numerous 1955 climbs in the Canadian Rockies; and in December by Jack Graham on the 14,000-foot peaks of the Alps. Section officers chosen at the March meeting for the 1955-1956 term include Richard Houston, Chairman; Kenneth Adam, Vice-chairman; and Frederick Johnson, Secretary-Treasurer. During the summer members were particularly active in the Canadian Rockies, the Tetons, and the Corderilla Blanca of Peru. Membership in the section now stands at 64, with an average attendance at meetings of about 20. David Brower has been elected Western Vice-President of the Club for the 1956-1957 term.