Asia, Pakistan, Chogo-Lungma Region

Publication Year: 1956.

Chogo-Lungma Region. A strong German expedition from Frankfurt explored and climbed in the Chogo-Lungma region in the western Karakoram. They also did considerable scientific work in glaciology, physics, geography, and geology under Dr. Walter Brendel, Dr. Norbert Unter- steiner, and Dr. Harold Uhlig. On July 6 Reinhard Diepen, Edward Rein- hard, and Joachim Tietze, climbed 23,156-foot Pyramid Peak from Camp 4 at 21,800 feet. In late July the expedition leader, Reinhard Sander, had to return because of a knee injury sustained in a fall into a crevasse. The party established an 18,700-foot high camp on Malubiting, the highest peak in the region on the col, called “Snow Col” by the Workman’s. On July 26 Karl Kramer reached 20,000 feet, but was turned back by bad weather. An avalanche which buried three porters, who were rescued, made them give up a later attempt. Another party unsuccessfully reconnoitered Makrong (22,638 feet).