Asia, Nepal, Ganesh Himal

Publication Year: 1956.

Ganesh Himal. Under the leadership of the Swiss Raymond Lambert, a Franco-Swiss expedition succeeded in climbing 24,298-foot Ganesh Himal on October 24, 1955. The climbers, Swiss Eric Gauchat, Claude Morel, and Pierre Vittoz, and French Mme. Claude Kogan, Paul Gendre, and Robert Guinot reached base camp on a meadow on the right bank of the Chilim Glacier on September 20. Two days later they climbed a 16,568- foot peak above them which they called the “Pointe de Sandjet” and which involved Class 5 climbing. The next day they started their reconnaissance of the main peak. Lambert and Mme. Kogan looked at the approaches to the south col, while Vittoz and three others explored the south face. It was that night that Vittoz was attacked by a high fever. Finally on October 6 Lambert left the Base Camp to evacuate the still dangerously ill missionary to Kathmandu, from whence he returned to the mountain 10 days later. Lambert, Gauchat, Mme. Kogan, and Gendre made the summit climb. Gauchat was killed in a fall during the return from the peak.