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South America, Argentina, Portillo Group

Portillo Group. Francois Boucher, Julio Corradi, Jochen Groos, Nestor Sanes, Carlos Urien and Paul Ulens of the Centro Andino Buenos Aires spent the week of January 20 to 28, 1955, climbing in the Portillo Group. They made first ascents of the South Face of Cerro Punta Negra (15,748 feet), of Pico del Amorcito (16,732 feet), of three peaks which they named Cerro Fiaia (18,373 feet), Cerro del Oso (16,404 feet), and Cerro Pirquitas (18,044 feet) and of three lesser mountains. They also made the second ascent of all summits of the Tres Picos del Amor (18,054 feet).