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North America, Canada, Alberta, Mt. Forbes and Mt. Freshfield

Mt. Forbes and Mt. Freshfield. Early in the 1955 season, Don Claunch, Richard Irvin, and Fred Ayres back-packed up the Howse Valley, ascended the Glacier Rivers, and set up a high camp at timberline between Division Mountain and the east lateral moraine of Mons Glacier. From here on July 2, we started for Mt. Forbes at 11:00 A.M. after a night and morning of heavy clouds and intermittent rain. We climbed up the north Glacier to the west col of Forbes, then followed the west arĂȘte to the summit (6:30 P.M.). This early in the season the route was almost entirely snow. We returned by the same route and reached camp at 9:30 P.M.

After descending to the outlet of Glacier River, we continued up the Howse, following the newly improved trail on the east side of the valley, then turned southwest up the gravel flats of Freshfield Brook, fording several streams. At a point not far from where Forbes Brook issues from the forest, a good trail leads south and west over the ridge to the outwash flats of Freshfield Glacier.

It should be noted that a faint trail also starts along the north side of the box canyon of Freshfield Brook. This route is more scenic than the previously mentioned trail, but anyone attempting it with a heavy pack should steel himself for an arduous two or three hours of heavy going. The trail soon deteriorates into virtually nothing.

We camped on Niverville Meadows, justly famed for their lovely setting and for the magnificent view which they provide of the Freshfield group of peaks. After waiting out a day of rain, we climbed Mt. Freshfield (July 6) in dense fog, consuming the entire day in confused blundering before we finally found the summit at 6:00 P.M. After two more days of rain, the weather cleared, but there was time then for only a quick ascent of Mt. Niverville on a gorgeously brilliant morning, after which we started out for the highway.

Fred D. Ayres