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Schweizer Trachtenbuch

Schweizer Trachtenbuch, by Louise Witzig. 8vo., 280 pages with 60 plates from color photos and 200 illustrations (sketches and photos) in black and white. Z├╝rich: Schweizerische Trachtenvereinigung, 1954. Price, Sw. fr. 38.

The four-volume Volkstrachten der Schweiz (1922-32) by Julie Heirli has long been out of print, and a much-felt want is supplied by the present book which presents the subject within a single cover. It is the best collection of Swiss costumes in color photography that has yet appeared and has been produced most artistically with proper attention to accessories and backgrounds. Some fine types have been selected for the portraiture, with real beauties among the girls.

J. M. T.