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Venezia Tidentina

Venezia Tidentina. 4to., 240 pages and 422 illustrations from photos, 4 in color, and one map. 17th of a series of 19 (Attraverso l’Italia). Touring Club Italiano: Milan, 1951; 2nd edition 1952. Price, L. 2000.

Sicilia. Similar in format; 4th of the foregoing series. 256 pages and 390 illustrations from photos, 4 in color and one map. Price, L. 2000.

The first of these is important to mountaineers since it covers the Brenner route north of the Lake of Garda to the Austrian frontier and includes the main chain from the Order to the Dreiherrenspitze, as well as the subsidiary groups of the Lombard Alps (Adamello, Presanella, Brenta) and the Dolomites of South Tyrol. It is a picture book of vast concentration, giving in small space a great impression of this interesting province. The Italian names, in some instances, still have an unfamiliar ring, and the northern portion has not yet lost its Austrian cast.

The second book is mentioned chiefly because of its connection with Mt. Etna, but it is also a revealing summary of the beauty of this southern island, with its Greek, Saracen, and Norman remains indicative of past struggle for the granary of Europe and the successive civilizations which played their part in past centuries.

J. M. T.