Une Montagne Nommèe Nun-Kun

Publication Year: 1955.

Une Montagne Nommée Nun-Kun, by Bernard Pierre. Preface by Sir John Hunt. 199 pages, 15 photographs, 5 sketch maps. Paris: Amiot-Dumont, 1954.

This book describes the 1953 French expedition which effected the first ascent of the Nun-Kun, a handsome peak rising to 23,410 feet, some 60 miles east of Srinagar in Kashmir. Its ascent was a notable feat and Bernard Pierre’s book is a worthy description of the adventure. The style is straightforward but always interesting. The five sketch maps are excellent and enable the reader to locate and follow the course of action with precision at all times. The photographs complement the story nicely and several are quite extraordinary.

The courage and perseverance of the party and their leader in the face of prolonged bad weather and even after having been carried nearly a thousand feet in an avalanche, are much to be admired. To learn that Claude Kogan was one of the two to reach the summit comes as no surprise to those who know her.

George I. Bell