North America, U.S., Wyoming, Tetons, Pinnacles

Publication Year: 1955.

Pinnacles. Some of the most enjoyable climbing in the Tetons is to be found on the various pinnacles in the range. Only after the efforts of the past summer can it be definitely stated that all the pinnacles encircling the Lake of the Crags have been climbed. Fred Ayres, John Oberlin, Peter Robinson, Leigh Ortenburger, Gary Hemming, and others, have all contributed toward this end. Pinnochio Pinnacle, the lower of the two pinnacles beneath the north ridge of Middle Teton, was climbed for the first time by Bob Merriam and party in July 1951. The higher pinnacle had been ascended earlier by Orrin Bonney. The last unclimbed pinnacle in the Grand Teton group, a slender shaft rising near the black dike on the southeast side of the Grand Teton, was climbed in September 1953 by Willi Unsoeld and party.