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Asia, Nepal, Mt Everest, Russian Attempt

Mt. Everest, Russian attempt. Two Sherpas who have arrived in Kathmandu report details on the Russian Everest attempt. After being flown to Lhasa in mid-October, 1952, aided by local porters, the expedition took longer in its approach than they had expected. On the mountain itself they used only 36 specially trained porters brought from the Caucasus to aid the six climbers, who were under the leadership of Dr. Pavel Datshnolian. They followed the standard British route and established Camp VIII at about 27,000 feet. A last radio message declared that they intended to make a bid for the summit the next day. Although other members of the expedition searched up to Camp VIII and above, no further traces were found of them. The expedition left the region in late December. A second search in the spring of 1953 revealed absolutely nothing more. It is reported that the Russians will make a further attempt in 1954, again with Caucasian porters. Some doubts as to the Russian attempt on Everest have been expressed from competent sources.

H. A. C.