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American Alpine Club, Cascade Section

A. A. C., Cascade Section. In the spring, just prior to the departure of the K-2 expedition, Dee Molenaar and Pete Schoening, of our Section, gave an excellent account of the plans for the trip and had available for examination various items of equipment.

Dee, Pete, and Bob Craig were all guests of honor at the annual fall meeting of the Section. At the same meeting Vic Josendal showed an interesting set of slides taken on his ascent of Mt. Robson during the 1953 season. Ralph W. Johnson of Seattle was elected Chairman of the Section for the coming year.

Several members of the Section took an active part in local mountain rescue activities during the past year. Ome Daiber and Ralph W. Johnson are members of the board of the newly formed “Mountain Rescue Council.” These men, with George McGowan, engaged in two television shows on mountain safety, presented in Seattle; and these and other Section members have given many talks to climbing organizations, the Boy Scouts, and many other groups, on the subject of safety in the mountains.

W. H. Borrow