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Peterli and the Mountain

Peterli and the Mountain, by Georgia Engelhard. 40 pages, 8 illustrations by Madeleine Gekiere. Philadelphia and New York: J. B. Lippincott Co., 1954. Price, $2.25.

This is an unusual mountaineering story, being the adventures of Peterli, a fine red cat with a bushy tail, who felt impelled to traverse the Matterhorn. “Here are a lot of people going to the top of a big mountain. Surely, they must have a reason for doing it … I think I’ll go along with them … Maybe I’ll find mice up there.” Peterli proves an intrepid climber, as no one will doubt who has ever been followed up a mountain by a cat. In fact, he is the first on the summit!

Peterli, his fond owners in Zermatt, and his great friend the guide Emil are lovingly drawn. His adventures both on the Swiss and Italian ridges are very convincing and should prove exciting to cat lovers of all ages. Madeleine Gekiere’s illustrations add greatly to this delightful tale, and the story is founded on truth. The original feline conquerer of the Matterhorn was, however, less loyal to his local valley than Peterli and is said to have remained for ever after, guzzling mice in the hut on the Italian side!

Ursula Corning