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Aus den Sextener Dolomiten

Aus den Sextener Dolomiten, by Otto Langl. 191 pages, with 23 photographic illustrations. Vienna: Verlag der Oesterreichischen Bergsteiger-Zeitung, 1951. Price, $2.00.

The author is a distinguished Austrian climber, whose first and last love for half a century has been the Dolomites of Sexten. He has returned to these peaks through a period broken by two wars, and has seen the villages rise again from destruction. His extensive climbing, while excellently described, cannot, in the reviewer’s opinion, compare with his charming sketches of the local people he has known, particularly the guides, famous in the tribe of Innerkofler. Among the pictures is the grave of Sepp Innerkofler, as well as the Dance of Death which Albert Stolz did for the Sexten churchyard. The proud and touching verses of the latter are memorable.

J. M. T.