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Erzherzog Johann, Der Steirische Prinz

Erzherzog Johann, Der Steirische Prinz, by Viktor Theis. 175 pages, with 6 illustrations. Graz: Verlag Böhlau, 1950. Price, $2..00.

Archduke John of Austria was born in Florence in 1782 and died at Graz in 1859. In an eventful life he was adored by the mountain peasants, whose interests he in turn protected, and this mutual regard was not lessened by his morganatic marriage to Anna Plochl, daughter of the Aussee postmaster. Although this book deals largely with the archduke’s political life, it is well to remember that he was a pioneer in the Eastern Alps. He made the first ascent of the Wiener Schneeberg in 1802 and instigated the first ascent of the Ortler by Gebhard and Pichler in 1804. He ascended Ankogel and Gamskarkogel in 1826, and Hohen Priel in 1829. In 1828 he was one of a party attempting the Gross Venediger from the west side, gaining a point 200 m. below the summit, and only desisting when Rohregger, his leading guide, fell.

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