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Max E. Friedmann, 1890-1954



Max E. Friedmann, member of the American Alpine Club since 1942, died suddenly of a heart attack on a train approaching Chicago March 31, 1954. Mrs. Friedmann and he had been in the Virgin Islands for a winter holiday and were returning to Milwaukee.

Mr. Friedmann, who was 64, had been president of Ed. Schuster 8c Co., Inc. (which operates three large department stores in Milwaukee) since the death of his father in 1933. He had been very active in the community and his passing saddened his many business associates and friends. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Elinore Friedmann, and two daughters, Mrs. James A. Wiebrecht of Cape May, New Jersey, and Mrs. George A. Ball of Port St. Joe, Florida.

Mr. Friedmann had long had a deep and active interest in all phases of mountaineering and as a young man had climbed in Europe in the Swiss and Tyrolean Alps. Among his guides was Edward Feuz (of the famous Feuz family of Swiss guides). He lost track of Edward for many years and was delighted when he “discovered” him in the Canadian Rockies some ten years ago, where he was employed as a guide in the Lake Louise area. Following that visit, Mr. Friedmann returned to the Canadian Rockies practically every summer, becoming increasingly fond of that beautiful country and adding to his roster of friends each year. Edward was his guide and companion on these outings. On several occasions Mr. Friedmann was accompanied by Mrs. Friedmann, and once by his two daughters. Even after Edward was retired he continued to act as Mr. Friedmann’s guide. During the summer of 1953 Mr. Friedmann spent three weeks at Lake O’Hara with Edward.

He attended several of the Alpine Club’s annual dinner meetings in New York and always looked forward to these meetings since he enjoyed the companionship of the fine group of men and women who comprise the Club’s membership.

Raymond T. Zillmer