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Asia, Nepal, Cho Oyu

Cho Oyu. A strong British party failed in its pre-monsoon attempt on Cho Oyu, 26,750 feet, in Nepal, only about eighteen miles from Mt. Everest. Under the leadership of Eric Shipton, the group consisted of the Canadian Campbell Secord, three New Zealanders, E Hillary, H. E. Riddleford, and G. Lowe, and the Englishmen R. C. Evans, A. Gregory, R. G. Colledge and T. Bourdillon. Reconnaissance showed that there was no hope of climbing the peak from the south as they had hoped to do. They turned to the west and established a depot at 19,400 feet. Above this rose a series of ice cliffs. After the first ice cliff was surmounted, a camp for six Britishers and six Sherpas was placed at 21,000 feet. The main ice barriers above were obviously impossible and the attempt was abandoned. The members of the expedition continued to climb and reconnoitre the region, ascending 11 peaks that ranged from 20,000 to 22,600 feet and explored the Nup La to the West Rongbuk Glacier on Mount Everest.