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North America, Alaska and the Yukon, Yale Logan Expedition

Yale Logan Expedition. A party of six members, Dudley W. Bolyard, Howell Martyn, John Bailar, and George Yutema of the Yale Mountaineering Club and Harry Nance of the University of Colorado went last summer into the Logan Mountains, an area of granite peaks rising to about 9500 feet along the boundary of the Yukon and Northwest territories. About the middle of July the party flew 170 miles from Watson Lake, B. C., to Glacier Lake and in a six-week period climbed nine peaks identified as Amphitheatre Peak, Marble Mountain, Snow Chute Peak, Red Wing Peak, Ice Dome Peak, Die Eisspitze, Plymouth Peak, Mt. Ida, and West Cathedral Peak. Bolyard, the leader of the party, had unexpected mountaineering problems when he fell through a snow bridge into a crevasse filled with meltwater.

R. H. Bates