Yale Mountaineering Club

Publication Year: 1953.

Yale Mountaineering Club. During the academic year 1951-52 the Yale Mountaineering Club continued its program of rock climbing instruction at Mt. Carmel and the Shawangunks, and snow and ice climbing trips were made to the White Mountains and Adirondacks. The climbing program was oriented toward teaching the fundamental techniques of mountaineering to students who have become interested in climbing as well as toward advanced climbing for the more experienced members. Since the Club has felt it desirable for climbers to have as much experience as possible under adverse conditions, the rock climbing program was continued during the winter months. Special emphasis was placed on safety, and in that connection a program of rescue methods and dynamic belay practice was carried out. Other activities during the academic year included first aid classes, map-mounting sessions, and a project to catalog and classify the mountaineering literature in the Yale Sterling Library. During the summer the Club sponsored the Yale Logan Expedition which was a mountaineering, exploratory, and geologic reconnaissance project in the little-known Logan Mountains of Northwest Territories, Canada. Other members climbed in the St. Elias Range, Tetons, Yosemite, and the Alps.

D. W. Bolyard

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