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Iowa Mountaineering Club

Iowa Mountaineers. During 1952 the Club sponsored an outstanding number of major activities. The Summer Camp in the Tetons attracted 41 participants. The Christmas holiday climbing outing to Mexico attracted 16 participants and culminated in the ascent of the three high peaks—Orizaba, Ixta, and Popo. The membership for the year was 1359.

The Club has been seriously affected by the draft and by the war in Korea. In past years the Club’s most active climbers and committee members have been seniors and graduate students in the University. Most of the students are now required to take special military courses and to attend summer military camps. Almost all of the students are called into the armed services immediately after graduation, which prevents them from attending the summer camp during their senior year or while taking graduate work in the University. This situation is best illustrated by the fact that, although the Club membership is still increasing annually, the number of active members has been slowly decreasing.

John Ebert