Cimes et Merveilles

Publication Year: 1953.

Cimes et Merveilles, by Samuel. 4to ; 40 pages of text and 89 photographic illustrations, 23 of them in color. Paris: B. Arthaud, 1952.

Not to be confused with Samivel’s prize-winning motion-picture of the same title, this is the author’s pictorial synthesis of the Alpine world. He had not limited himself to the French peaks and, as a result of this broad-mindedness, has created one of the most entrancing books of its kind. Here are pictures selected with an artist’s eye from remarkable collections: animals, birds, flowers, mountains and humans; captioned by the author in his expected humorous vein. Simple things: snails and crystals, baby marmots, a remarkable fox with a fly on his ear (fable inédite), hold one’s interest equally with snowy peaks in sunshine and storm.

J. M. T.

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