Flugbild der Schweiz

Publication Year: 1953.

Flugbild der Schweiz, by Emil Egli, Peter Meyer, Walter Corti, and Eduard Imhof. Large 4to; 52 pages of text with 200 full- page plates by Swissair. Zürich: Munich-Verlag, 1949. Price Sw. Fr. 49.90.

This book continues the tradition of Mittelholzer’s Alpenflug (1928) and Fluckiger’s Die Schweiz aus der Vogelschau (1924). These were unique in their time, but have now been superseded by the progress of aerial photography. The pictures in the new volume are evidence of this, the finest having been selected for their esthetic and technical qualities. Topographical features, many of the highest Swiss peaks, are followed by towns and cities, castles and factories, dams and bridges, making it the best tri-dimensional representation of Switzerland that has yet appeared.

J. M. T.