John Hudson Hall, 1896-1952

Publication Year: 1953.


Jack Hall, a member of the Club since 1921, died after a short illness in a Chicago hospital while on his way to a vacation in Montana. Heart attacks, aggravated by hot weather in New York where he had been working long hours just before his departure, proved fatal. He had appeared to be in good health and had so regarded himself when I last saw him only a few weeks before. In our college days he and I had roomed together one winter and had remained good friends throughout the following years.

Hall climbed only in the years 1919-1925 in Montana and Wyoming, the Canadian Rockies, and in Japan on his wedding journey in 1925. Stomach trouble, developed in India, had plagued him for a number of years and forced him to give up climbing, though he never entirely lost interest. He attended occasional meetings but never grew active in Club affairs.

After the first war, during which he became a lieutenant in the infantry, he entered business. From 1925 on he was identified with the interests of the estate of Senator W. A. Clark of Montana, including those of the United Verde Copper Company. Forced to seek a less strenuous hobby than climbing, he took up philately. In this field he rose to be an authority on some of the stamps of several foreign countries and certain issues of the United States, and he had been asked to judge at a number of national and international exhibitions, both at home and abroad. He was chairman of the Philatelic Foundation in New York and a director of the Collectors Club. At one of the exhibitions of the Royal Philatelic Society in London, he had had the pleasure, on one occasion, of meeting and showing certain of the exhibits to the late King George VI, whom he found well informed and keenly interested. He also took an interest in prints and had been on the visiting committee of the Fogg (Art) Museum at Harvard.

He leaves his wife, two sons, a daughter, and a granddaughter.

Henry S. Hall, Jr.