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Asia, Nepal, Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman. Again the abominable snowman has caused a furore. Eric Shipton, leader of the post-monsoon British reconnaissance expedition to the S. side of Mount Everest, brought back excellent photographs of what his Sherpa porters declared were “yeti” tracks. They appeared to show “three broad ‘toes’ and a broad ‘thumb’ to the side.” This “snowman” had jumped crevasses during its progress down a mile of snow-covered glacier. When he saw these tracks, one of Shipton’s Sherpas described to him a “yeti” he once saw, a “half man half beast, about five feet six inches tall, covered with reddish-brown hair but with a hairless face.” Shipton’s photographs brought immediate publicity and all sorts of legends, such as the one that snowmen leave strange tracks because “their feet turn backward to make mountain climbing easier.” Others claimed that the snowmen were missing links. But despite these exotic surmises about the “thing,” the tracks of Shipton’s abominable snowman look abominably like those of some abominable Himalayan bear.