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North America, Canada, British Columbia and the Canadian Rockies, N. Wing of the Columbia Group

N. Wing of the Columbia Group. This note calls attention to a recently issued reedition (dated 1947) of the Jasper Park South Sheet (1936 : 3 mi. to 1 in.), on which the central area, blank in the 1942 reprint, has been completed in contours. No nomenclature has been added, and the elevations do not deviate greatly from the provisional figures given in the writer’s article in the A.J. for 1936 (with accompanying sketch map) and in the 1943 revised edition of the Climber's Guide.

Gong Lake is approximately 5800 ft., while the snow field draining to it covers some eight square miles and is continuous with an additional glacial shelf extending to the N. face of Diadem Peak and sending streams to the Sunwapta River. Indeed, the glaciation forms an almost continuous arc on the watershed around the head of Lynx Creek, N. of Mt. Alberta.

Mt. Confederation (unnamed) attains not quite 10,000 ft. The surprising feature is the elevation of slightly more than 10,600 ft. given to the highest peak on the S. margin of the Gong snow field, making it the loftiest point N. of Diadem Peak within the convergent Athabaska-Sunwapta angle. The ascent of this peak in the summer of 1951 is described in a note by C. A. Wilts, below.

The two northerly peaks in the Whirlpool-Athabaska angle reach 9600 ft. They rise N. of Mt. Fryatt, on either side of the stream from Geraldine Lakes, and are striking because of the low elevation (4000 ft.) of the river valley.

The map may be obtained from the May Distribution Office, Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Ottawa.

J. Monroe Thorington