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Dartmouth Mountaineering Club

Dartmouth Mountaineering Club. In 1951, both in the spring and in the fall, the Club held its six-week course in rock climbing. This course, now traditional, is accepted by the college in fulfillment of the physical education requirement. A new issue of the D.M.C. Journal, the first since the original issue in 1938, is being planned. Members climbed in the Crestones, in Rocky Mountain National Park, in the Bugaboos and in the Tetons. There were climbs closer to home on Katahdin, Huntington Pinnacle (Mt. Washington), and several new and promising cliffs up the Connecticut Valley. An interesting winter ascent of Mt. Washington was made, partly in preparation for the ascent of Mt. McKinley, in which two members of the D.M.C. participated.

Rodger Ewy