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Harvard Mountaineering Club

Harvard Mountaineering Club. The Club’s summer activities in 1951 were centered in the leaders’ climbing school, held in the Hermit Range of the southern Selkirks. In addition, an H.M.C. expedition made three first ascents in the Windy Range of the northern Selkirks, including that of Dolphin Peak. Another party attempted to reach the Clemenceau Ice Field from Kinbasket Lake by way of the Middle River. Members participated also in the Hendricks expedition in the Canadian Rockies. Others climbed in the Canadian Rockies, the Cascades, the Tetons and the Alps.

In the fall a successful rock-climbing season evoked more active interest from new members than ever before. Frequent ice-climbing trips to Mt. Washington will provide instruction for new members and leaders alike in the fundamentals of snow craft. Emphasis will be placed on judgment. Under the safety committee, last year’s course in first aid and mountain rescue will be continued, with discussion of the A.A.C.’s Safety Reports in monthly meetings. The safety committee has been given a more active part in the judging of leaders qualified for local climbs and summer expeditions.

Thayer Scudder