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Iowa Mountaineers

Iowa Mountaineers. In 1951 membership increased to 1365. Mountaineering classes were continued, and the Club’s system for rating qualifications was revised. Qualifications are now similar to those of the Colorado Mountain Club. The safety record was maintained, despite the fact that a larger number of less experienced climbers were given the responsibility for leading parties and training novices. The results greatly outweighed the calculated risk. “Babying” does not seem to produce skilled or necessarily safe climbers. The problem seems to be that of selecting members who have sound basic training, good judgment and the ability to control seemingly limitless physical energy and daring.

The 1951 summer outing was held in Mt. McKinley Park. John Ebert led a party of 18. Seven days of almost continuous snow defeated two serious attempts to reach the higher of the Silver Twins (8806 ft.), but the party was able to explore the head of Sunset Glacier and climb two 6200-ft. peaks (apparently first ascents). Members in smaller parties climbed in the Colorado Rockies, Tetons, Wind Rivers and Canadian Rockies.

It is interesting to note that many members who never saw mountains before participating in Club outings now enjoy the mountains every summer with their families. In the hope that these and others will come to the Club’s summer camps whenever they can, we have announced plans for several years in advance. In August 1952 a twelve-day base camp will be established in the N. Palisades region of the High Sierras of California; in August 1953 a seven-day base camp will be maintained at Mt. Assiniboine in Canada and then, immediately afterwards, a seven-day camp at Mt. Robson. In 1954 the Club will either go abroad or return to Alaska. An outing to Mexico has been scheduled for the Christmas holidays of 1952.

S. John Ebert