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A.A.C., Sierra Nevada Section

A.A.C.: Sierra Nevada Section. New officers were elected at the final meeting in December 1951: Oscar A. Cook, chairman; Robin Hansen, vice-chairman; Richard C. Houston, secretary-treasurer; Lawrence G. Coveney and David R. Brower, additional members of the executive committee.

The Section followed through on its proposal to act as host at a summer outing for the Club. The committee responsible for planning and operating the camp was composed of Oscar A. Cook, camp manager; Richard C. Houston, assistant manager; Will Siri, Philip C. Bettler, David R. Brower and Richard M. Leonard. Prime values were the foundation of new personal friendships cementing our national ties, and the indoctrination of youngsters in mountain lore and safe climbing practices.

Continued interest in the semi-formal quarterly meetings, with speakers, has established this program as a permanent feature of the Section’s activities.

Several ascents by members of the Sierra Nevada Section are worthy of mention. William Dunmire, Allen Steck and James Wilson took part in the ski ascent of Mt. Tyndall. Alfred Baxter was a member of the party that climbed Mt. Bear and then, by a new route, Mt. Bona. Dunmire and a companion climbed the Phantom Pinnacle of Yosemite. John Salathe and a companion climbed the S. face of Sugar Loaf Dome in Little Yosemite. The ascent involved the usual class-six inconveniences: bivouacs, expansion bolts and slings.

Oscar A. Cook