Nomads of the North

Publication Year: 1952.

Nomads of the North. Text by Elly Jannes; pictures by Anna Riw- kin-Brick. Translated by William Cameron and Karin Wander. 82 pages of photographic illustrations, each with an explanatory paragraph of text, and an introduction. Stockholm: Kooperativa forbundets bokförlag, 1950. Price, $3.75.

Of the three books on Lapland here reviewed, this documentary volume presents most graphically a life-year in the Lapp district of Jokkmokk. It depicts a pattern in which tense effort alternates with repose among families who still travel by sled, use reindeer as pack- animals, and live in tent-shaped huts; and it follows them in the summer journey through the foothills of Kabla and the Sarek mountains to Lake Virhaune on the Norwegian border, and finally back to the autumn and winter camps. The pictures of the reindeer and the terrain are magnificent