Lapplanderfahrt im Rentier-Schlitten

Publication Year: 1952.

Lapplanderfahrt im Rentier-Schlitten, by Liselotte Kattwinkel. 216 pages, 37 photographic illustrations by the author and eleven sketches. Braunschweig: Georg Westermann Verlag, 1951. Price, $3.25.

One of the most interesting books about life above the Arctic Circle, this appeared in Finnish and Norwegian editions in 1941 and is now for the first time available in a German translation. The author lived with the Lapps, sharing the hardships in their land of forests, moors and snow-covered lakes. Her book reads like a charming diary, recording the joys and sorrows of the people who wander with their herds of reindeer between northern Sweden and the Kola Peninsula. The illustrations are all that could be desired.