The Provinces of France

Publication Year: 1952.

The Provinces of France, edited by Doré Ogrizek for the “World in Color Series.” 508 pages, with many pictorial maps and other illustrations in color, appendices and index. London: McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., Ltd., 1951. Price, $4.20.

Uniform with the earlier volume on Switzerland, this new work merits attention on account of the section (pp. 292-312) by Samivel on Savoy and Dauphine—an excellent, if compressed, summary of the history of the Western Alps, of course illustrated by Samivel himself. One of the best illustrations shows Antoine de Ville, military engineer of Charles VIII, and his henchmen ascending Mont Aiguille by royal command in 1492: a tangle of pikes and scaling ladders supports frightened climbers in old court costume, and Samivel’s favorite jackdaw careens in flight above.