Die Jagd in der Schweiz

Publication Year: 1952.

Die Jagd in der Schweiz. Two volumes, 297 and 295 pages, each volume containing 80 photographic illustrations, eight color plates and numerous sketches. Geneva: René Kister (French edition), and Winterthur: Gottfried Schmidt (German edition), 1951. Price, $25.00.

In two magnificent volumes, in which many authors collaborated, the history and present state of Swiss venery are presented as never before. The first volume deals with animals in nature, including avifauna—their biology, anatomy and diseases. It continues with a discussion of hunting methods as applied to individual species, and ends with a section on protection and conservation. The second volume treats weapons, their care and use, and hunting dogs. The second half touches on such diverse subjects as the evaluation of trophies, wild animal photography, the Swiss National Park, hunting in art and history, and the organization of hunting rights. Aside from the excellence of the photographs, which thoroughly cover Alpine game, one is delighted by the color plates, some of which are reproduced from ancient illuminated manuscripts such as Gaston Phoebus. The entire work is carefully indexed.

J. M. T.