Gelände und Karte

Publication Year: 1952.

Gelände und Karte, by Eduard Imhof. 255 pages, with 343 photographic illustrations and sketches in the text, followed by 34 plates in color. Erlenbach-Zürich: Eugen Rentsch Verlag, 1950. Price, $5.75.

The mapping of Switzerland on the great scale of 1:25,000 has now been completed, and the present volume is designed for military instruction in cartography. It will be of surpassing interest also to the mountaineer—indeed, to all who wish to know about modern methods of map construction. Among the subjects included in the first section are perspective, sketching, orientation, projection and stereoscopic interpretation. There follows a discussion of various techniques for representation of the earth’s surface. One is introduced to compass traverse and the use of a map by pedestrian, skier, rider and soldier. Several of the final plates are anaglyphic, colored spectacles being supplied in a pocket of the back cover.

J. M. T.