The Book of Austria

Publication Year: 1952.

The Book of Austria, by Ernst Marboe. Translated by G. E. R. Gedye. 544 pages, profusely illustrated (many color plates). Vienna: Oesterreichische Staatsdruckerei, 1948.

Said to be the best book on Austria made since the War, this is a pictorial delight, resembling in make-up the volume on Switzerland by Ogrizek and Rufenacht. It is divided into three parts: 1, “History”; 2, “Land, People and National Costume”; 3, “From the First to the Second Republic.” The story of Austrian art and civilization, running through the whole book, gives a comprehensive picture of the country’s history and genius. Pictorial maps illustrate the chapters on the provinces. Unfortunately, the translation falls short of perfection.

J. M. T.