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Asia, India, Sherpa Love of the Mountains

Sherpa Love of the Mountains. Charles S. Houston has made available a letter from the wife of Angtharkay, famous Everest Sherpa, to Major H. W. Tilman, who had written asking for Angtharkay’s services. Part of the letter follows:

Lama Villa

Bhutia Busty


October 20, 1950

Dear Respected Sir:

I am glad to know that you are going to Solah Khombu which is our birthplace and I am well acquainted with the places you want to visit. In Solah Khombu district there is a place called Namzay Bazar, from where it will take you at least 3 days to the foot of Mt. Everest. On the way you will find places called Tengbuzey, Pangbuzey, Dingbuzey. In the first two places big monastery and very sacred places are found. These Buddhist monasteries are governed by Lamas of very high standard of spiritual advancement. Dingbuzey has nothing but sceneries and sceneries all around, and it is told that the beauty and grandeur are simply marvellous and enchanting. I have actually been to Tengbuzey and Pangbuzey and these are the nearest places to Mt. Everest from where one can get a clear view of it.

But I am very sorry to let you know that my Husband Angtharkay has already been engaged by Mr. Marshall or else he would have much been pleased to accompany you to Solah Khombu, his birthplace. I am really very happy that you are visiting places where we passed our childhood and happier days. I wish I were a man and not a woman to accompany you to those darling darling places to see with my own eyes those hills where we often played a childish hide and seek game with much frolics, and those snow-capped hills and yonder mountains where our eyes never got tired of looking at the Majestic beauty of those mountains. When you reach those places, my dear Sir, do please remember us, and think in your mind that your Angtharkay and his beloved wife are actually with you to show all that they could possibly do in their power to be as much helpful as they would be …

Again Sir with my very kind wishes from

Yours ever

Wife of Sirdar Angtharkay Jee

Dr. Houston writes, “If anyone familiar with the Sherpas has any lingering doubts as to whether or no they appreciate the mountains, this beautiful and moving letter should effectively dispel them.”